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   Mission, Vision, Beliefs and Values
   Plan of Service 2011-2014
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Plan of Service 2011-15


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Mission, Vision, Beliefs & Values


Strathcona County Library encourages literacy and lifelong learning, fosters community connections, and offers programs and services that inform, engage, and entertain.


Strathcona County Library, the heart of the community, inspires literacy, learning, and creativity.

We believe…

  • That the community is at the heart of all library programs and services. We believe it is important to reach out to the community, to welcome participation, and to respond to needs.
  • That the library should support exploration and wonder. We provide our community with innovative resources to foster and encourage literacy and a love of reading. We help to connect individuals to other community programs and services.
  • That the library should welcome and be accessible to all.
  • That the library should be a place of comfort and safety.
  • That the library should be a place of community engagement and connection.
  • That the library empowers people and promotes their growth.
  • Our community should have access to a diverse range of resources and information.
  • That providing services beyond the four walls of the library is essential to meet the needs and interests of our community.
Value Statements
We value…
  • Our community, our history, and our people.
  • Literacy, reading, leisure, and life-long learning for all.
  • Intellectual freedom.
  • Equality of opportunity and inclusiveness.
  • Responsiveness.
  • The rights and freedoms of a democratic society.
  • Informed and engaged citizens.
  • Capable, caring, empowered, and motivated staff and volunteers.
  • Innovation and continual improvement of our library to effectively meet current and future needs.
  • The diversity of our community.

For more information, see our Mission, Vision & Values statements [pdf].
More about SCL values can be found in Library Board - Policies.

Plan of Service 2011-14

In the fall of 2009, the Library conducted a series of consultations to explore the values and needs of Strathcona County citizens and ask what roles it might play, and where to focus its resources to help meet those needs in the coming years.

The consultation followed a process endorsed by the Public Library Services Branch of Alberta Municipal Affairs, and used by many public libraries across the United States and Canada. It involved a concentrated and committed effort on the part of 21 community leaders from a variety of organizations, backgrounds and perspectives who worked with with a facilitator to share their visions and ideas. A public invitation was also extended to anyone interested in attending a separate facilitated meeting about the future of the library. 

With consultation results in hand, library Board and staff set five goals that will shape the library's work over the next four years. Within each goal are specific objectives and actions that will help us to measure our progress.

  1.  Children from birth to age five and their caregivers will have programs and services that support the development of emergent literacy skills so that children have the foundation to succeed in formal education and in life.
  2. All Strathcona County residents will have the support they need to learn, to explore, to develop and to expand their interests.
  3. All Strathcona County residents will have the resources they need to encourage imagination and creativity and enhance leisure. 
  4. All Strathcona County residents will have the skills, service and/or assistance they need to find, evaluate and use information to resolve an issue or answer a question.
  5. All Strathcona County residents will have the option to connect and engage with others because they know about library and community services and events. 

To read more, please see our Plan of Service 2011-2014 Report (pdf).

The Alberta Library

SCL is a member of The Alberta Library (TAL), which is a consortium of 49 member libraries in over 300 locations whose mission is strengthening communities through collaboration. Learn more at the TAL website,

For more information on how Alberta libraries are connected through TAL, see the video Alberta Libraries - We're Connected.

SCL cardholders are eligible for a TAL card, which enables them to borrow books from other libraries across the province.

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