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Library Board

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Phone 780-410-8606 
E-mail libboard[at]


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Plan of Service 2016-2020

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See Become A Board Member to find out what we're all about.

Pick up an application form at one of our Service Desks.

Visit the Boards and Committees section of Strathcona County's website for information about community Board recruitment.

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Ph: (780) 410-8600

Library Board

Current Board Members

2016 Library Board

Back row (left-right)
Councillor Fiona Beland-Quest, Paul Whittaker, Tamara Epple, Councillor (alternate) Linton Delainey 

Middle row (left-right)
Leah Lewis, Secretary/Treasurer Lynn Walker,
Katharine Weinmann, Vice Chair Ian McCormack

Front Row (left-right)
Chair Anna Pandos, Anne Nothof, Colleen Burton Ochocki


Anna Pandos, Chair
Ian McCormack, Vice-Chair
Lynn Walker, Secretary-Treasurer

County Councillors
Fiona Beland-Quest
Linton Delainey (alternate)

Colleen Burton Ochocki
Tamara Epple
Leah Lewis
Anne Nothof
Katharine Weinmann
Paul Whittaker

Meeting Schedule & Minutes

The Strathcona County Library Board meets one Monday a month except for during July and August. 
Meetings are held in the Community Centre (Meeting Room 5 unless otherwise announced) beginning at 7:00 pm.

NOTE: Minutes are in pdf format and require free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view


Mon Jan 25
Mon Feb 22
Mon Mar 21
Mon Apr 18
Mon May 19
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)


Mon Jan 26
Mon Feb 23
Mon Mar 23
Mon Apr 20
Mon May 25

(Brookville Community Hall: 6:30pm)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Mon Jun 15
Mon Sep 21
Mon Oct 26
Mon Nov 16
Mon Dec 14
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Agenda (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)
Minutes (pdf)

Please note: Meeting agendas will be posted prior to Board meetings, where possible. Once the minutes for any given meeting are approved, the agenda will be replaced with the minutes.

Board Documents

NOTE: Require free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view

2015 Annual Report (pdf)
2014 Annual Report (pdf)
2013 Annual Report (pdf)
2012 Annual Report (pdf)
2015 Financial Statements (pdf)
2014 Financial Statements (pdf)
2013 Financial Statements (pdf)
2012 Financial Statements (pdf)

Become a Board Member

We are always on the lookout for new members to bring their energy and ideas to our team! To find out more about what we do, and how you can fit in:

View our Become an SCL Board Member(ppt) presentation
See the Alberta Library Trustees' Association resource
Grow as a Trustee
Attend a Board Meeting as a guest
Browse through the following sections of our website
Time Commitment
Meetings & Committees
Other Activities
Application Procedure

Attend a Board Meeting

You do not have to be a member of the board to attend a Strathcona County Library Board meeting.  We invite you to join us and see what we are working on.  Ask lots of questions - we are interested in your input.  Check the Meeting Schedule for times.  We hope to see you there!


As a board member, you should be a member in good standing with the library.  You should be prepared to accept an appointment to a 3 year term, with the possibility of up to 3 renewals.  You should expect to attend library-related meetings and events, serve on planning and working committees, and generally contribute your time and skills to the advocacy and betterment of your community library!

Time Commitment

The time you spend will depend on the level of your involvement, and on the activities in which you choose to participate.  Some board members may spend only 5 hours a month, while some spend more like 20.  In general, expect to attend one board meeting, two committee meetings, and one volunteer event each month, in addition to home preparation time.

Meetings & Committees

Board Meetings
These 2-hour meetings are held once per month, from September to June.
Each board member receives a meeting package to review prior to attendance.

Committee Meetings
Board members choose from one of 3 committees on which to serve:

Executive (members elected annually by Board:chair, vice-chair, secretary)

Each committee meets from 3 to 6 times per year.

Other Activities

Community Groups
Board members liaise with community organizations such as the Metro Edmonton Libraries Federation, the SCL Friends of the Library group, the Strathcona County Culture & Heritage group, Sherwood Park Rotary Club, and others.

Advocacy & Library Events
Board members attend library events such as volunteer lunches, staff development days, Water Garden Tour, Leather Bound Gala and other fundraisers.  They are also invited to Chamber of Commerce lunches, speaking engagements, meetings with MLAs, and other Strathcona County events.

Workshops & Conferences
Board members attend a 1-day Saturday workshop, the Board & Staff Planning Retreat, each year. New board members attend a 1-day Library Orientation workshop in their first year.
Board members are also invited to attend a 2-day library conference during their first term.


Board members receive $25 for each board and internal committee meeting.  Some choose to donate this fee to the library - this is a personal choice.  Attendance at library fundraising events can be complementary for those who work on the organizing committees.

Application Procedure

In October of every year, Strathcona County calls for letters of application for committees.
Applicants are interviewed by a committee that consists of two County councilors, a County staff administrator, and the Chair of the Strathcona County Library Board.
Successful applicants receive an appointment letter from the County.


Library Policies

Mission, Vision & Values
Code of Conduct

Library Bylaws

Bylaw 2013
Bylaw 2013 Schedules
Bylaw II - Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy

Other Library Policies

CO-01 Collection Development
CO-10 Patron Access to Electronic Information Resources

PR-03 Social Media

Canadian Library Association statements

The Strathcona County Library Board supports these statements from the Canadian Library Association:

ST-01 Canadian Library Association Statement on Intellectual Freedom
ST-02 Canadian Library Association Position Statement on Access to Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
ST-03 Canadian Library Association Statement on Internet Access

Adobe PDF file icon These policies are all in PDF Format
They require a PDF viewer like Adobe Reader to view.

Policies last updated 2015.02.11



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