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Capital Campaign

New library exterior

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Capital Campaign

Campaign Funding Facts

Once in a lifetime, a community builds a library...
and so many wonderful people are now a part of our story.
 Visit our Capital Campaign Website to meet them and learn more.
Construction of our new library building was funded through a combination of municipal tax revenues and provincial government grants.

But imagine you take this building, hold it upside down, and shake it. Everything that falls out -- furniture for staff and patrons, shelving, our newly enhanced collections of books, movies and music -- came from our community. 

Thanks to great support, our Capital Campaign was successful in raising the $1.5 million needed to complete the funding "pie" -- and build our community the library of its dreams.

Municipal funding

Provincial funding

Capital Campaign

Library Funding Facts

Alberta Public Libraries

Most of the funding for public libraries in Alberta comes from their own communities through municipal taxes. Because public libraries share their resources and cooperate in providing materials and services to support all Albertans, the Province also contributes. Libraries supplement this core service funding by selling library cards, collecting fines and fees for late materials, and by applying for project grants. Many libraries also work with a non-profit Library Friends group that can advocate and raise funds on the library's behalf. Most, if not all, of the funds raised by public libraries goes toward equipment, books, materials, or services that directly benefit the public.

Strathcona County Library

In a typical year, Strathcona County Library receives the largest portion of its funding from its municipality, Strathcona County. As a service organization open to the public 69 hours each week, the library's largest expenditure is staffing. Since moving to the Sherwood Park Mall in 1992, the library has spent the next largest amount on leasing its space. In 2006, County Council approved the building of a new library as part of the Community Centre facility in Centre in the Park. The decision was made to spread the one-time costs for this project over several years, and a series of reserves and debentures were set in place.

In 2008, County residents began to make contributions toward this community project through their taxes, while at the same time, the Library launched its Capital Campaign to raise the remaining funds necessary to furnish, equip, and purchase materials for its new home.

2008 Revenue 2008 Expenses

Total = $6,046,994 Total = $6,046,994
Strathcona County Tax Levy
Library Generated (Grants, Library Cards, Fees)
Provincial Operating Grant
Salaries & Benefits
New Library Reserve Fund Contribution
Books & Materials
Programs & Services
Equipment Purchases & Maintenance

Population served [2008] = 85,512
Library Employees [2008] = 80 [49 full-time equivalents]
For more details see our annual reports

New library exterior

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401 Festival Lane, Sherwood Park, Alberta, Canada T8A 5P7

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