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Hoopla is here: Borrow free digital video, music and audio books with your library card Hoopla
Digital music
Movies & tv
eBooks, eAudiobooks & comics

borrow them free from your library!

Thousands of titles | download 5 items/month | instant access - no holds required

Access Hoopla

Requires: SCL or FSPL card + a free Hoopla account
3 weeks (eAudiobooks, eBooks, comics), 1 week (Music albums), 3 days (Movies/TV); 5 items/month total
Renewals: No
Find Hoopla items in our catalogue: Yes
What's Hot on Hoopla

New comics from DC and Vertigo with covers - titles follow below
Download comics
from DC and Vertigo!

All DC comics | All Vertigo comics | Browse more comics

Batman: Year One
Fables vol 1: Legends in Exile
Green Arrow: Year One
The Sandman vol 1: Preludes & Nocturnes
Wonder Woman

Get Started

To use Hoopla, you need:

Desktop computer icon with monitor and tower Get started on a PC or Mac computer
  1. Set up a free account at (required one time only)
  2. Browse or search for items you want to borrow at
    Hoopla logo
    (you can bookmark this site for easier access!)
  3. Stream music, movies, tv and audiobooks right in your browser!
    (Note: the first time you play a Hoopla item in your browser, you may be prompted to install the Widevine plug-in. See Hoopla Support for more info - Click on "Widevine plug-in" [last option])
black and white tablet icon   Smart phone icon Get started on a mobile device
  1. Download the free Hoopla app in the app store for your device
  2. Open the app and set up a free account (required first time only - after that, you can stay logged in)
  3. Search or browse for something that interests you
  4. Tap "Borrow"
  5. Stream right on your device, or...
    iOS: Tap the cloud icon () to download
    Android: Tap "Download" (top menu) to download

    All devices: you can always use Airplane Mode to make sure your device is not streaming!
  6. Listen or watch!

Question mark symbol More detailed help:

   Use Hoopla on Apple TV or Chromecast

Apple TV - Works only with an Airplay-enabled mobile device. [More help]

Chromecast - Cast using the Chomecast icon in the Hoopla app for iOS or Android.

Get Apps
Hoopla apps for mobile devices
Android 4.1 or higher
(includes some colour e-reader tablets such as the Kobo Arc and Kindle Fire)
Download from the Google Play Store
Question mark symbol Handout: Hoopla Help for Android [pdf]
iOS 8.0 or higher - iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch Download from the iTunes store
Question mark symbol Handout: Hoopla Help for iOS [pdf]

Frequently Asked Questions

How many items can I take out?

Hoopla downloads are limited by month. At present you can download 5 items/month.

How long do I keep my Hoopla items?

You can keep items for the following lending periods:



Lending period



1 week



3 days


eBooks, eAudiobooks & comics

3 weeks

Are there any fees or fines for this service?

No. There are never any fees or fines for digital downloads from SCL. Items expire on their own according to the schedule shown above.

What's the Widevine Plugin?

The Widevine plugin is required to watch Hoopla content in your browser. A plug-in (also called an extension or browser add-on) is like a mini-program that adds functionality to your web browser. Widevine is a free plugin, made by Google, that allows you to play secure video in your browser. This makes Hoopla videos accessible and easy to play on a wide variety of different platforms, while still keeping the video files secure (which is very important to publishers).

The major browsers (including Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari) all support Widevine. More details

How much space do downloads take up?

It varies, but average sizes are 900 MB for movies, 35 MB for music and 200 MB for audiobooks.

Get Help
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For help with Hoopla:
First please check Hoopla Support at
For mobile devices: Question mark symbol Hoopla Help for Android [pdf] | Hoopla Help for iOS [pdf]
If you don't find the information you need, please stop by one of our Information Desks or contact us

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