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Internet Safety

Be Web Aware!
An education and awareness initiative of the Media Awareness Network.

Connecting Canadians - Cyberwise
A thorough and informative online document on Internet safety. The section on promoting safe, wise and responsible Internet use is especially interesting to educators.

Cyber Angels
CyberAngels is one of the oldest websites on online safety education and endeavours to be a virtual safety destination/support network. CyberAngels combats online abuse and cyber crime, and will provide assistance regarding hacking, computer viruses, and protecting your family from online stalking, harrassment and abuse.

This site is designed to help parents educate themselves and their children about how to use the Internet safely. The GetNetWise coalition wants Internet users to be only "one click away" from the resources they need to make informed decisions about their family's use of the Internet. Be sure to check out the "Tools for Families" section which includes an Internet search engine that filters results.

Internet Security for Kids
This site, created by the Government of Canada, provides a variety of internet safety information for both kids and adults.

Media Awareness
This excellent site contains resources to help parents deal with the media influences in their children's lives. You'll find tips for talking with your children about media values and culture, information on media industries and ideas for taking action in your school and community.

Web Aware
Although this site was created for public libraries, educators will also find it helpful. The site provides information, tips and materials for promoting leadership in the field of Internet literacy. Information about Web Awareness Day can also be found here.

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