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Health & Wellness

Health & Wellness


Need some reading ideas for your book report? Take a look at some terrific books read & recommended by Children's Services staff.
  • Braving Bullies
  • Changing Bodies, Changing Lives

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Encyclopedias & Databases

Find quick, reliable information that you can count on. Articles, reviews, news, images, and more.
Access in the Library or from home using your Strathcona County Library card.

Find a complete list of all our Databases for Kids.

The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
Up-to-the-minute information about our country. Over 10,000 articles with lots of links and feature articles. Find information about topics such as Canadian regions, animals, scientists and inventions.
World Book Online
n electronic version of World Book Encyclopedia with extra materials such as interactive maps, graphics, pictures, recommended websites and magazine articles.

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Recommended Websites

General Health   Nutrition
Just for You
Health Canada has created a website of information just for kids! Find out about sun safety, tips for tooth brushing, and how to avoid injuries.

This website tackles big health issues for kids. Look under "Everyday Illnesses and Injuries" and "Kids Health Problems" to learn about issues such getting braces, asthma, and nut allergies.

S-Team Heroes 
Join the S-Team and help stop bullying! This interactive adventure will give you great ideas on how to deal with bullying.
  Blackbeard Galley Chef
Create your own tasty, healthy and easy to make recipes with the help of the Blackbeard Galley Chef. Just choose your ingredients and get cooking! 

Canada's Food Guide
It's easy to choose foods wisely when you follow Canada's Food Guide! Check out the new and improved recommendations for smart snacks and tips for dining out.

Food Safety Games
The Canadian Food Inspection Agency has created lots of fun online games to help kids learn about food safety. Try your hand at the Food Safety Wheel Game or the Safe Temperature Challenge!
Fitness   Sports
BAM! Physical Fitness
The "Body and Mind" website from the US government has lots of fun fitness ideas and games for kids.

Fitness Challenge 
This online activity tests how quickly you can perform ten different activities. Learn how to be more active, even while working at your computer.

Jump Rope for Heart
Looking for some heart-pounding fun? Check out this website for activity links and helping out by raising money for Heart and Stroke research.
A great sports and nutrition site for kids who like to play hard and have fun. Learn how eating right helps you play better, and how staying active is fun!

The Real Story of the Ancient Olympic Games
Find out about the ancient Olympics from the University of Pennsylvania Museum.

2011 Western Canada Summer Games
This event celebrates the achievements of youth in sport and culture. Check out this link to learn more about the exciting sporting events that will take place throughout Kamloops, British Columbia. 

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