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Science Pathfinders 

  Pathfinders are great tools to help you get started on your research project! Tips on how to search the catalogue, recommended books, websites, and more!
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Encyclopedias & Databases

Find quick, reliable information that you can count on. Articles, reviews, news, images, and more.
Access in the Library or from home using your Strathcona County Library card.

Find a complete list of all our Databases for Kids.

The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
Up-to-the-minute information about our country. Over 10,000 articles with lots of links and feature articles. Find information about topics such as Canadian regions, animals, scientists and inventions.
Grolier Online
Online versions of these excellent print encyclopedias. Search for encyclopedia & magazine articles, websites, pictures, maps, and videos.
  • New Book of Popular Science - Science & technology plus science in the news
  • The New Book of Knowledge - Reference and current events
  • Amazing Animals of the World - Animal profiles, photographs, and more
World Book Online
n electronic version of World Book Encyclopedia with extra materials such as interactive maps, graphics, pictures, recommended websites and magazine articles.

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Recommended Websites

Astronomy   General Science
Exploring the Planets
Learn how past, present, and future tools used in space for exploration. View just how big planets are in relation to the sun, with a scale model of the solar system!

Interactive Sky Chart
Create a custom map of the whole sky from anywhere on Earth, using this tool from Sky and Telescope magazine.

NASA Astronomy for Kids
Find out about space and beyond, rockets and airplanes, our earth, and astronauts, living in space. Plus, lots of puzzles and games.

The Space Place
Make spacey things, do spacey things, and learn amazing facts about space science in action. Make cool things like a momentum machine or a toy asteroid nanorover!
  BrainPop Science
Help on any science topic that you can think of!

Cool Science For Curious Kids
Dive into a miniature world - without a microscope. Find out why snakes are like lizards and monkeys like moose, and the answers to other crazy science questions.

Exploratorium: The Museum of Science, Art, and Human Perception
Discover over 12,000 Web pages exploring hundreds of different subjects. Always changing and always exciting!

Ology means "the study of." And here on the American Museum of Natural History's Ology Web site, you can study and explore many cool Ologies. Stories, games, and interactive activities.

Biology   Inventions
The Boreal Forest 
Learn about some of the trees, plants, animals, and birds that populate in Canada's Boreal Forest from the Atlas of Canada.

Hinterland Who's Who - Canadian Wildlife Service 
This educational site, compiled by the Canadian Wildlife Service and the Canadian Wildlife Federation, offers information on various species of Canadian birds and mammals.

Wildlife in Alberta: Sustainable Resource Development
This site contains a wealth of information about Alberta's wildlife. Check out the "Watchable Wildlife" for information about common Alberta wildlife.


Building Big
Explore large structures and what it takes to build them! Based on the book by David Macauley. A 2002 American Library Association Notable Web Site.

How Stuff Works Express
Have you ever wondered how a cell phone works or what causes a hurricane? Then this is the place for you!

Robotics: Sensing-Thinking-Acting
If you think robots are mainly the stuff of space movies, think again! Find out all kinds of cool stuff about the history and workings of robotics. Videos, games, interviews.

Chemistry   Physics
Find out about Reactions, Elements, Atoms, Matter, Biochemistry, and more.

Periodic Table of the Elements
Click on an element to find its uses, sources, and history. Website presented by the Los Alamos National Laboratory.

  Energy Information Administration's Kids' Page
Learn about different kinds of energy such as electricity, solar power and hydropower.

Fear of Physics
Learn about roller coasters, friction, swinging pendulums, and the science behind making a shot in basketball, plus lots more!

Computers   Science Fairs
ClassZone's Web Research Guide
Take the Internet Basics Quiz to determine what you know about the Internet and its uses. Then explore the Web Research Guide to learn the skills you'll need to do effective research on the Web.

HTML 4 Kids
Learn everything you need to know about building your own homepage. Lessons, projects, and tools- and when you get bored, sit back and watch some non-educational stuff in the Playground.

TekMom's Technology Buzzwords for Students
Did you hear a funny computer word and you don't know what it means? Check here to find the definition.
  All Science Fair Projects
This site has lots of good tips and information, but it's especially great because it has a special search engine of science fair project ideas.

IPL Science Fair Project Resource Guide
Lots of web site resources. Plus, this guide will lead you through the necessary steps to successfully complete a science experiment.

Science Fair Central
Project ideas, questions and answers, and a "Soup to Nuts Handbook" with everything you need to know about creating a science fair project. From

Earth Science    
Earth Day Canada's environmental education program for kids who care about the planet. It offers information about the environment through interactive, fun, educational games and activities. - Canadian Museum of Nature Online
Take a look at "Our Amazing Treasures" to learn of astonishing discoveries and intriguing specimens.

Sky Diary
Great site for information, pictures and graphics on tornadoes, lightning, hurricanes and storm chasing.

Weather Words Glossary
Doing a school project, or just curious? This is an extensive list from Environment Canada of weather terminology for your information.


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