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Social Studies

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Social Studies

Social Studies Pathfinders 

  Pathfinders are great tools to help you get started on your research project! Tips on how to search the catalogue, recommended books, websites, and more!
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Encyclopedias & Databases

Find quick, reliable information that you can count on. Articles, reviews, news, images, and more.
Access in the Library or from home using your Strathcona County Library card.

Find a complete list of all our Databases for Kids.

The Canadian Encyclopedia Online
Up-to-the-minute information about our country
- helpful when you are looking for information on a Canadian research topic.
Grolier Online
Online versions of these excellent print encyclopedias. Search for encyclopedia & magazine articles, websites, pictures, maps, and videos.
  • Lands and Peoples - Countries, cultures, and current events
  • The New Book of Knowledge - Reference and current events
World Book Online
n electronic version of World Book Encyclopedia with extra materials such as interactive maps, graphics, pictures, recommended websites and magazine articles.

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Recommended Websites

Alberta   Current Events
Alberta Legislature
The homepage of the Legislative Assembly of Alberta.

Citizen's Guide to the Alberta Legislature
Answers to all your questions about how our provincial government works.

The Emblems of Alberta
Emblems symbolize the history, people, places, natural features, and even values that together make Alberta what it is. From the Coat of Arms to the Alberta tartan, each emblem signifies an important aspect of Alberta's identity.

Premiers of Alberta
Biographies of premiers of Alberta, past and present. From the Legislature Library.

  Kids News Room
Outstanding news and current events site for kids. Kids News Room was developed by parents who felt the need to create a safe, interactive and educational internet learning environment.

The New York Times Learning Network
For Grades 3 - 12. Read today's news, take the daily news quiz, find out what happened on this day in history.

Scholastic News Online
Top news, special reports, games and quizzes. Take a look at the pop zone for the latest pop news.

TIME for Kids
Brings the latest news of the world to you (so you don't have to circle the globe looking for it yourself!)

Arts   Geography
The Artchive
Over 200 different artists' works presented as well as online exhibitions.

Cybermuse: Your Art Education Website
Dynamic, colorful, interactive website from the National Gallery of Canada.
Search the collection of Canadian, Indigenous, European, and Asian art.

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Check out "Explore and Learn" where you can explore artists' lives and work, and areas of the permanent collection through games and activities.

Virtual Museum of Canada 
Discover many of the treasures held in trust by Canada's museums.

  Asia Profiles
Find maps and statistics for individual countries. To select a country click on its general location on the map or the list of countries.

American Geography
An outline of American geographical regions.

Royal Tyrell Museum - A Place of Discoveries
Located in Drumheller, Alberta. Take a virtual tour or check out the fossil encyclopedia!

United Nations' Cyber School Bus 
Students will be able to use this site to learn more about how transportation and communication needs are met in countries such as India, Peru, Tunisia, Ukraine, and Canada. 
Biography   History
The Academy of Achievement
Biographies of famous achievers in the areas of arts, business, public service, science and exploration, sports. Lots of inspiring interviews and quotations. Photos, audio and video clips.
Search 25,000 bios and 2,500 videos! A cousin of the television show and magazine with lots of great info on all your favorite people!

Canadian Genealogy Centre's Kidspage 
On this site, you can create your own virtual family tree and do other fun family history activities!

  This Day in History
Find out what happened in history today or on your birthday! Look for events in entertainment, crime, old west history and more!

From the Encyclopedia Britannica Online. Read about the doomed ship, its heroes and heroines, and see the exhibit.

Underground Railroad
You are a slave who belongs to a farmer in 1850s Maryland. Should you risk escape through the Underground Railroad to Canada?

Canada   Holidays & Celebrations
About Canada 
Find out about our parliamentary system, facts & history, people, economy, climate & geography, environment, nature & natural resources, science & technology, arts & culture, and lots more.

The Canadian Encyclopedia Online  
Up-to-the-minute information about our country. Over 10,000 articles with lots of links and feature articles.

Kids' Stop: First Nations in Canada 
Lots of information about Canada's First Nations, such as history and traditions.

Origins of Canada's Geographical Names 
Find out about the names of Canada's provinces, territories, capital cities and national parks; origins of some Aboriginal community names; and a variety of articles on interesting names across the country.

  Easter For Kids And Teachers
This very thorough site discusses such things as the history of Easter, as well as Easter customs, songs and symbols.

Holidays Around the World
This World Book website focuses on holidays that take place in November and December, but you'll find other holiday information here as well.

How Christmas Works
Why are there oversized socks hanging on your mantel? What  are the 12 days of Christmas? Who is this Santa Claus person? Find the answers to all kinds of Christmas-y questions!

Because this site is created by the Canadian Youth Online Club, you'll find lots of information about both Canadian and American Thanksgiving celebrations.

Countries   Law & Government
Federal Research Division's Country Studies
A very thorough and detailed site maintained by the US Library of Congress. This site is especially good for historical, societal and government information.

World Factbook
Concise information about every country in the world from the Central Intelligence Agency. Get info on geography, people, government, flags, and more.

World Gazetteer
Provides information about current population of countries, their divisions, cities and towns as well as images of the current national flags.

  First Among Equals: The Prime Minister in Canadian Life and Politics 
Click on "Profiles" to get quick facts and terrific biographical info about each Prime Minister. There is also a really good kid's version of this page.

Great Canadian Debates
Read about six heated Canadian debates, including Conscription in the two world wars, the flag debate in the 1960s, and the Meech Lake Accord.

Strathcona County
Find info about the mayor and the councilor who represents your ward. Learn about departments, bylaws, and upcoming events.


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