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Public Computer & Internet Use Agreement

Strathcona County Library (SCL) provides open Internet access to all library patrons that is unfiltered and unsecured. The Internet provides a broad range of information that is unregulated and unmonitored. SCL assumes no responsibility for the quality, accuracy, or currency of any Internet resources. Users are responsible for any commercial transactions made through the use of the Internet and any direct or indirect damages from the use of the Internet.

Parents or guardians are responsible for their children's use of the Internet. Please see staff at the Library's Information Desk for help, information, or recommendations about safety and the Internet.

Your Responsibilities
SCL's computers are located in a public space shared by people of all ages and backgrounds. When using these computers, you are required to do so in a responsible manner that respects the rights and privacy of others. When you access the Internet at SCL, you are subject to all associated federal, provincial and municipal legislation. This includes the provisions of Canada's Criminal Code regarding:

  • child pornography;
  • the display or dissemination of hate literature;
  • the dissemination or display of illicit drug literature;
  • obscenity;
  • fraud;
  • invasion of privacy;
  • harassment, libel or slander (which includes online or cyber-bullying).

Users are responsible for any damage to SCL computer equipment.

Failure to comply with this Computer & Internet Use Agreement can result in your being asked to leave the Library. Repeat offences or unlawful activities may result in prosecution.