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What is an Online Database?

Find quick, reliable information that you can count on. Articles, reviews, news, images, and more.

How do I use Online Databases?

You can access them in the Library or from home using your Strathcona County Library card.
Use our tips below to help you choose the best databases for your project!

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Database List

Click to find out more information and to see an example of how you might use each database in a homework assignment.


Alberta Learning's Online Reference Center
Find out more about these resources for Alberta students.

Canadian Encyclopedia

Articles and short multimedia presentations on Canadian history and social studies topics for students 8 and up.

Good for questions like:
Where did the explorer Paul Kane travel in Canada?
Can you help me find information about the Canadian shield.

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Journal articles on all aspects of human impact on the enrivonment, including global warming, green building, pollution, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy, and recycling.

Good for questions like:
What can you tell me about alternative energy sources?
Where can I learn about water quality testing?


Canadian Newsstand

Full text articles from major Canadian newspapers.

Good for questions like:
How can I read an article that was published in the Calgary Herald last year?
I want to find out how people in other provinces feel about the Edmonton Oilers.

  Grolier Online

Homework help through encyclopedia or magazine articles, websites, pictures, maps, and videos in the following resources:

Encyclopedia Americana
In-depth info for older students
  New Book of Popular Science
Science & technology plus science in the news
Lands and Peoples
Countries, cultures, and current events
  The New Book of Knowledge
Reference and current events
La Neuva Enciclopedia Cumbre
In Spanish

Canadian Periodicals Index Quarterly (CPIQ)

Articles from major Canadian journals, biographies & other reference sources.

Good for questions like:
I want to read about the beef industry in Canada.
I need to look up information and ratings about new mp3 players compared with iPods.

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  Lands and Peoples

Countries, cultures, and current events

Good for questions like:
Where can I find information about the culture and people of Thailand?
How many languages are spoken in Europe?

Canadian Points of View Reference Centre (CPOV)

Multiple perspectives on news & current events.

Good for questions like:
What are some different ways of looking at immigration?
How do I create an essay outline?

  MagillOnLiterature Plus

Plot summaries, character & author info, and critical analyses of literary works. Includes material from the Masterplots and Magill reference series.

Good for questions like:
I need to compare two of Margaret Atwood's works.
I have to write a paper on the character of Pip from Dickens' Great Expectations.


Reference books covering a wide range of subjects including history, technology, literature, art, and biography.

Good for questions like:
Where does the quote "People ought to listen more slowly" come from?
Where can I find paintings by Francis Oliver Finch?

  New Book of Knowledge

Articles, facts, maps and more from the print version of this reference resource.

Good for questions like:
What were the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World?
I need to find out about the life cycle of sharks.

Encyclopedia Americana

In-depth articles and biographical profiles.

Good for questions like:
Can you help me find biographical information about Martin Luther King and Malcolm X?
I need to find information about the Black Death.

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  New Book of Popular Science

Science, medicine, and technology articles, images, charts, and other resources.

Good for questions like:
I'm doing a project on simple machines and I need some pictures.
Can you help me find information and diagrams about volcanoes?

L'Encyclopédie Découverte

Discover the French edition of World Book Encyclopedia.

Good for questions like:
À quoi sert le jabot d'une abeille?

J'aimerais de l'information au sujet du magnétisme.


Read-alikes and suggestions for what to read next.  Search for titles, authors, plots, and reading preferences.

Good for questions like:
Do you have any reading suggestions for me? I'm in Gr. 8 and I'm looking for something funny.
I'm on the waiting list for Breaking Dawn. Is there something similar I can read in the meantime?

Environment Complete

All aspects of Environment including ecology, energy, natural resources, pollution and waste management.

Good for questions like:
Is climate change affecting the coral reefs?
Can you show me some articles on energy conservation?


Today's news from over 300 newspapers and magazines in their original format, from over 60 countries and in 35 languages.

Good for questions like:
What are the headlines in Italy today?
Are international incidents reported differently by the American, Canadian, and European press?

Film and Television Literature Index

Journal articles, movie reviews, books, and images.

Good for questions like:
Can I find some photographs of Marilyn Monroe?
Can you help me research "Stranger than Fiction?"

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  World Book Online

Atlas info, charts, animations, articles and related web links from the electronic version of World Book encyclopedia. Material suitable for all ages.

Good for questions like:
I want to read about what the knights did in the Middle Ages.
I need to write about the people and culture of Guatamala.

General Reference Center Gold

Articles on general subjects like current events, popular culture, art and science, hobbies and recreation. Primarily American content.

Good for questions like:
I am looking for information about DVD standards.
I want to read about actor Johnny Depp.


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